Application for Enrollment

Yep! You are in the right spot to apply to our Special Education Licensure Program!

Things you need to have in order before you click the Apply Now button

Bachelor’s degree in any field/discipline from an accredited institution

Cumulative (or junior/senior year) GPA of 2.75

FBI background check

Three professional letters of recommendation


Two essays

Admission Requirements

Certification Central (CC) is an enroll anytime program with no deadlines. After you submit the
completed application, you will be notified of our admission decision within 1 week.

  1. You must have earned a Bachelor’s degree in any field from an accredited institution.
  2. Your cumulative GPA (or junior/senior year) must be a minimum of 2.75. You will verify this with
    your transcripts. For the application, you can submit unofficial transcripts. If accepted into CC’s
    program, you will submit official transcripts prior to starting.
  3. You must pass an FBI background check or submit a copy of your current ND’s Educator Professional
    License. Regarding the background check, start this application early as you are going to need to ensure
    you have a completed background check. Such a check can take weeks to complete. Use the following
    link to request an FBI Background check.  Be sure to read through the instructions carefully. Attach the receipt of a cleared
    background check in your application.  
  4. You need 3 professional letters of recommendation that speak to your experiences or interests in the field
    of special education. Please avoid submitting references from friends and family. You will collect these
    letters then submit them when you complete the application.
  5. Update your resume, as you will be uploading this in your application. You will write 2 essays as part of your application package. These essays should be written in one document and answer the following (please use headings):
    Essay 1: Explain your experiences or interests in working with individuals with disabilities and what
    you learned from these experiences.
    Essay 2: Certification Central’s program is fully online and self-paced with virtual coaching
    sessions. Explain how this program is a good fit for you.

Application Directions

Before beginning the application do the following:

     a. When submitting your transcripts, you will need to combine these into 1 file as part of the
          application. Remember, the transcripts can be unofficial for the application process.
     b. When submitting your 3 professional letters of recommendation, you will need to combine them
          into 1 document as part of the application.
     c. Ensure your essays are in 1 document and include the following headings: Essay 1, Essay 2.