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Bang Bang You’re Dead

Today’s teachers face a daunting challenge: how to ensure a positive school experience for their students, many of whom carry the burden of adverse childhood experiences, such as abuse, poverty, divorce, abandonment, and numerous other serious social issues. Spurred by her personal experience and extensive exploration of brain-based learning, author Marilee Sprenger explains how brain science—what we know about how the brain works—can be applied to social-emotional learning.

The Disruptors

ADHD is one of the most commonly diagnosed and widely misunderstood-neurological conditions in the world today, affecting nearly 10% of kids and a rising number of adults. But what if having an ADHD brain is actually an asset? The Disruptors interview many
people about their ADHD.

Who Cares About Kelsey?

This documentary tells the lives of students with emotional/behavioral challenges, and shows innovative educational approaches that help these students to succeed – while improving the overall school culture and climate. Who Cares About Kelsey? will make viewers reconsider the “problem kids” in their own high schools and create new conversations about an education revolution that is about empowering-not overpowering-our most emotionally and behaviorally challenged youth.

This is a self-paced study. You are required to watch each of these documentaries and answer reflection questions. A reflection paper will be submitted at the end of the study.

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