RBT Competency Assessment-Initial

Overview: This RBT Competency Assessment-Initial meets the Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s competency assessment requirement. This assessment will be administered by a BACB Certificant (BCBA, BCBA-D). The 40-hour (minimum) training requirement must be completed before this assessment can be conducted. This competency assessment involves direct observation competencies based on tasks found on the RBT Task List (2nd ed.).

Price: $100 per Evaluation Session

To prepare for the RBT Assessment:
1. Please be sure you have all of the materials/modules completed and prepped to demonstrate the skills.
2. For Items 6 through 15 on the RBT Assessment, three of them must be demonstrated directly with a client. You can either make of video and share with
      the evaluator or bring a participant to the virtual assessment session.
3. Please note that if the RBT assessment has to be readministered due to
     competencies not being demonstrated with proficiency, the assessment will need to
     be repurchased, so ensure you are ready before you purchase.

RBT Requirements: https://www.bacb.com/rbt/rbt-requirements/

RBT Initial Competency Assessment: https://www.bacb.com/wp-content/uploads/RBT_Competency_Assessment_Initial_191030.pdf