Approved by NDESPB

Certification Central does offer coursework required for the Special Education Behavior Intervention Specialist Endorsement.

The requirements are as follows:

Special Education Core 

     SPED Module 2 Legal/Ethical Practices & Professional Learning
          3 Credit Equivalent

     SPED Module 3 Curricular Content Knowledge & Individual Education Plans
          3 Credit Equivalent

     SPED Module 4 Assessment & Measurement
          3 Credit Equivalent

     SPED Module 5 Understanding & Managing Behavior
          3 Credit Equivalent

     SPED Module 7 Collaboration, Consultation, & Supervision
          3 Credit Equivalent

Behavior Intervention Specialist Core 

     Behavior Module 1: Methods & Applications for Behavior Support & Programming - Integrates 20 hours of clinical fieldwork
          3 Credit Equivalent

     Behavior Module 2: Behavior Assessment & Measurement - Integrates 20 hours of clinical fieldwork
          3 Credit Equivalent

     Behavior Module 3: Behavior Ethics, Supervision, & Consultation - Integrates 20 hours of clinical fieldwork
          3 Credit Equivalent

     Behavior Module 4: Behavior Research & Inquiry - Integrates 20 hours of clinical fieldwork
          3 Credit Equivalent

     Behavior 550: Behavior Specialist Internship **This requirement is integrated across all 4 modules
          2 Credit Equivalent

Turn it into a Master's Degree Equivalent by adding SPED 900

     SPED 900: Scholarly Capstone Portfolio (optional)
          2-3 Credit Equivalent

          You can choose to take the endorsement program as a master's equivalent that is posted on your transcript

How It Works

Certification Central is a self-paced, enroll anytime program. To get started, simply complete the application. You will need to upload unofficial transcripts/certificates from all institutions attended. If you do not have the special education core coursework, you will begin with SPED Module 2 Legal/Ethical Practices & Professional Learning. If you do have this core, you will begin with Behavior Module 1 Methods & Applications for Behavior Support & Programming. After you have demonstrated all competencies with proficiency, you will advance to the next module. As denoted above, the practicum/internship requirement is integrated throughout each module in order to connect content to authentic, real-life experiences.


Graduate credit cost is $300/credit for each module except SPED 900 which is valued at $200/credit

The Traineeship Scholarship Program is for those who already have a ND teaching license and want to add a special education endorsement.