Certification Central and Minot State University have built a PIPELINE that allows you to seamlessly transfer your special education technician credits into MSU’s undergraduate degree in special education. You can work as a special education technician while earning your teaching license! If you would like to talk to MSU, please contact Dr. Holly Pedersen at holly.pedersen@minotstateu.edu

PIPELINE Project website: www.ndspedpipeline.org

Admission Criteria

  1. Certification Central (CC) is an enroll anytime program with no deadlines. After you submit the completed application, you will be notified of our admission decision within 1 week.
  2. You must have earned a high school diploma or an equivalent. Verification needs to be submitted.
  3. You must pass a  Criminal History Record Check check (no older than 3 months) or submit a copy of your current ND’s Educator Professional License (expired license can’t be accepted). Regarding the background check, do this right away as the process can take a while. Use the following link to request the Non-Criminal Justice Request for Criminal History Record Information. Be sure to read through the instructions carefully. https://attorneygeneral.nd.gov/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/CHR-NonCJ-Request-SFN50744.pdf Attach the receipt of a cleared background check in your application
  4. You need 2 professional letters of recommendation that speak to your experiences or interests in the field of special education. Please avoid submitting references from friends and family. You will collect these letters then submit them when you complete the application.
  5. You will write a 2-page essay that answers the following questions: a) What experiences have you had working in an educational setting? b) Why do you want to become a special education technician?