Special Education Licensure/Endorsement Program

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Graduate credit cost is $300/credit for each module except SPED 550 & SPED 900 which are valued at $200/credit

Traineeship Scholarship Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to Certification Central?
Prior to starting the application, please read the Admission Requirements & Instructions for Completing the Special Education Program Application document. You can access the admission Application Form here. The admission requirements include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field/discipline from an accredited institution (verified by transcript)
  • Cumulative (or junior/senior year) GPA of 2.75 or higher (verified by transcript)
  • FBI background check
  • Three professional letters of recommendation
  • Resume
  • Two essays
For the application, you can submit an unofficial transcript(s). If admitted, an official transcript will need to be submitted. There is no entry exam.

What needs to be included in the essays?
Each essay will address one writing prompt in approximately 2 pages. The prompts include:

  • Essay 1: Explain your experiences or interests in working with individuals with disabilities and what you learned from these experiences. Identify and explain two professional goals.
  • Certification Central’s program is fully online and self-paced with virtual coaching sessions. Explain how this program is a good fit for you.
What is the application deadline?
Certification Central is an enroll anytime program, thus there are no deadlines. After your application is submitted, it will be reviewed within one week.

What is the cost of this program?
CC has a flat rate with no additional fees. There are three programs of study depending on your previous degree(s).

Program of Study 1: Special Education Core
Degree in Early Childhood or Elementary Education
$8,600 (excluding textbooks)
Program of Study 2: Special Education Core & Professional Core (2 modules)
Degree in Middle or Secondary Education
**Those with a middle school degree may have had elementary courses and thus will follow Program of Study 1.
$10,400 (excluding textbooks)
Program of Study 3: Special Education Core & Professional Core (3 modules)
No education degree
$11,300 (excluding textbooks)

Are there additional fees?
No, there are no additional fees. The cost of the program includes module content, coaching sessions, and clinical experiences. The text books are not included.

Do I have to pay the full program cost before I can start?
No, you have options:


  • Pay full amount prior to beginning program.
  • Make interest free monthly payments throughout the program. Number of payments can vary depending on individual needs. Please contact us.
  • We do accept credit card payments or Venmo with no additional fee. Go ahead and get some rewards points built up.

The best course of action is to set up a phone conversation with us and together we can find what works best for you.

Do I qualify for financial aid?
Federal financial aid does not apply to CC. However, we are working with the Bank of North Dakota to develop a loan program.

Our goal is to make education affordable, please contact us if you need alternative accommodations.

Is this program accredited?
Certification Central’s program is approved by the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board (ESPB). All educator preparation provider programs leading to licensure in our state must be approved by ESPB. CC has the same approval as university-based programs in our state.
Does this program have traditional courses?
CC has modules that are equivalent to traditional courses.

Who teaches these modules?
Our modules were developed by current or former special education teachers, administrators, and diagnosticians who have graduate degrees.

How many modules can I take at one time?
You take one module at a time. This program is self-paced rather than semester-based. You advance to the next module in the sequence after you have demonstrated proficiency on each competency-assessment.

Do I have to register for each module?
No. After you meet the competencies of a module, you will automatically be enrolled in the next module.

Is this program online?
CC’s program is entirely online thus making it accessible from anywhere.

How are the clinicals/practicums conducted?
CC is a practice-based program to make you career ready. Modules 2-8 in the special education core have you connecting knowledge, skills, and disposition taught in these modules to real-life contexts through the completion of clinical hours. You can use your job as a laboratory of practice to complete these hours, as long as your job affords you this opportunity. If you are currently not working in the field, you will still complete clinical hours following a traditional format of practicums and student teaching.

How long does it take to complete this program?
This is a self-paced program that does not have temporal barriers, such as semesters. You can go as fast or as slow as you choose. Those with special education experience may find this program accelerated through the demonstration of competencies at a faster pace than those without experience.

May I transfer in courses taken from another training program?
The best way to determine this is to have your transcript reviewed. Email katherine.terras@certificationcentral.education to request a review.

Which browser works best for accessing this program?
CC uses Canvas as our learning management system. Begin by using your preferred browser, such as Google Chrome. If you encounter problems, the first thing you should do is try a new browser, like Firefox.

Where do I get my textbooks required for the modules?
You can order your textbooks online from a publisher/company of your choice.
When I graduate, will I receive a transcript?
When you complete your program of study, you will receive a competency-based transcript documenting your proficiency in each module comprising your program of study. The competency-based transcript is equivalent to a traditional transcript and will be submitted to ESPB as part of your licensure application.

When I complete this program, will I be a special education teacher?
You will be eligible to apply for full Educator’s Professional License in North Dakota through ESPB. In addition, you are eligible for the following special education endorsements: strategist, specific learning disabilities, emotional disturbance, and intellectual disabilities.

If I go through this program and become a licensed teacher in ND, may I use my license in another state?
It will depend on the state where you want to practice. Most states require a bachelor’s degree and have interstate reciprocity; meaning, if you have a license in ND and taught in ND, they will recognize this and issue a license. CC will work with you to understand out-of-state licensure requirements.

Can I attend CC while having a plan-on-file with ESPB or being issued an alternate access license?
Yes, you can attend CC. We do require a Bachelor’s degree in any field to attend our program, as this is a ND regulation.

What is needed to qualify for a plan-on-file through ESPB?
Does Certification Central grant a master’s degree?
CC is not degree granting but offers a master’s degree equivalent for those who want to complete the scholarly capstone project. Master’s Degree Equivalent will be coded on your transcript.
Will I be assigned an advisor?
Dr. Katherine Terras is available to answer any of your advising questions, as she has been an academic advisor for almost two decades.
Are there scholarships available?
Currently there are no scholarships available through CC. But, the ND Department of Public Instruction has the Traineeship Scholarship Program for those who are adding a special education endorsement to their current teaching license. Information is available at: https://www.nd.gov/dpi/educators/professional-development/traineeship-scholarship-program
Contact Dr. Katherine Terras to assist you with completing the program of study form.