Build Your Own Master's Equivalent

Certification Central offers a build  your own Master’s degree equivalent. You select modules/courses that best fit your career interests and goals. The only requirement is the SPED 900 Scholarly Capstone Portfolio (2 to 3 credit equivalent). To complete a Master’s equivalent, you select 9 modules to build your personalized program of study, then at the end of your program complete SPED 900 Scholarly Capstone Portfolio. To answer your questions or to help you get started, contact Dr. Katherine Terras for an individualized advising session.  We look forward to hearing from you!

SPED Module 1

Learner Development & Individual Learning/Cultural Differences

SPED Module 2

Legal/Ethical Practices & Professional Learning

SPED Module 3

Curricular Content Knowledge & Individual Education Plans

SPED Module 4

Assessment & Measurement

SPED Module 5

Understanding and Managing Behavior

SPED Module 6

Instructional Planning, Strategies, & Transition

SPED Module 7

Collaboration, Consultation, & Supervision

SPED Module 8

Inclusive Learning Environments

ED Module 9

Pedagogy: Art and Science of Teaching

ED Module 10

Reading Methods: Elementary

ED Module 11

Math Methods: Elementary

Behavior Module 1

Methods & Applications for Behavior Support & Programming

Behavior Module 2

Behavior Assessment & Measurement

Behavior Module 3

Behavior Ethics, Supervision, & Consultation

Behavior Module 4

Behavior Research & Inquiry

SPED 900

Scholarly Capstone Portfolio

The purpose of the Special Education Capstone Portfolio is for candidates to provide evidence of growth and impact in the special education discipline. The portfolio is a mechanism for self-appraisal and for critical analysis of a candidate’s progress toward meeting teaching standards. The portfolio consists of  narratives to answer specific questions supported with artifacts that represent understanding/application of content from the special education modules.