Behavioral Consulting

Service Description

Services may include, but are not limited to the following:
• Individualized functional behavior assessments and positive behavior support plans
• Social/emotional assessments and individualized programming
• Adaptive behavior assessments
• Coaching to build team capacity for behavioral strategies and data collection
• Development and implementation of treatment fidelity

Educational Diagnostics

Service Description

• Cognitive Assessment Measures
• Academic Achievement Measures
• Executive Function Measures
• Social/Emotional Measures and Screening
• Behavior Analytic Measures and Screening

Professional Mentorship

Service Description

• classroom observations

• modeling of skills

• individual/small group discussions

• review of paperwork, reports, and instructional materials

• provide resources

• assist with progress monitoring

Professional Development

Service Description

• Customized trainings to meet school, district, or unit needs

• CEUs are available for licensure renewal