Katherine Terras

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mark Reinhart

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Hello everyone! I have been an educator for 22 years. I practiced as a paraprofessional, public school teacher, and university professor. I believe in alternatives for training educators and behavior technicians in order to offer a variety of pathways for diverse learners. Mark and I were both raised in rural North Dakota, as well as have children attending rural school. We understand the unique needs of training and retaining educators, in addition to meeting the community’s behavioral health needs.

Hello! I have had many life experiences from owning a business to parenting, which have led me to this chapter with Certification Central. As a continuous learner, I am committed to creating training opportunities for those who learn differently and for those who have busy lives and are longing for a lane change in life. I have a desire to open opportunities for those living in rural and remote areas. Katherine and I want to help reduce the teacher shortage in these areas while making a career in teaching affordable by reducing the financial burden of school loans.

Clinical Coach and Curriculum Review Committee Member

Dr. Lynne Chalmers

Clinical Coach and Curriculum Review Committee

Certification Central is by far the most innovative alternative training program I have seen. The extensiveness of training options meets the needs of any school or person looking to become certified as a teacher or behavior technician. Two of the program’s top qualities are its affordability and self-paced format. In addition, the program uses highly qualified instructors and coaches/advisors and has a competency-based curriculum that ensures students will complete the program with the knowledge and skills most important for success in the field. I cannot say enough good things about this program…wish I had thought of it!
Lynne Chalmers (over 30 years of experience in the field including creating the Special Education Resident Teacher program)

RBT Trainers and Evaluators

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RBT Trainer and Evaluator

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RBT Evaluator

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RBT Evaluator

Patrick Kellam

RBT Evaluator

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Curriculum Developer

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Curriculum Developer

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Curriculum Developer

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Curriculum Developer

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