How do I purchase the trainings?  You go to and click on Trainings in the top right of header menu just like the menu at the top of this page.  Select your desired training and follow prompts for purchasing. When you purchase a training, you will create a username and a password to login to access your training from Certification Central.

How do I access the training after I purchase it?  You go to home page and click on My Account in the top right header menu just like the menu at the top of this page. An account window will open and you can enter your username and password to login.

Which browser works best for accessing the training? Certification Central uses LearnDash as our Learning Management System.  Begin by using the browser you currently prefer.  If problems arise, then consider using Firefox as your browser.

Registered Behavior Technician Training

Will this training allow me to be a Registered Behavior Technician with the national Behavior Analyst Certification Board? This training meets BACB’s 40 hour (minimum) training requirement. In addition, you must pass the Initial Competency Assessment, identify a supervisor, and pass the RBT Examination. Requirements are located at

How long is the training? The training is 45 hours. Our learning management system will monitor the number of hours spent on modules, so if you’re working on activities associated with modules, make sure you do this while logged-in so your hours count toward the 45 hour requirement.

Do I have to become an RBT to take the training? No, you do not have to become an RBT to take the training. You can take the training for professional development only.

Does Certification Central offer the Initial Competency Assessment? Yes, the Initial Competency Assessment is available for purchase.

Please know that if the competency assessment has to be readministered due to competencies not be demonstrated with proficiency, the assessment will need to be repurchased, so ensure you are ready before you purchase it☺

Is Certification Central able to supervise me when I am an RBT? No, Certification Central does not meet BACB’s supervision criteria.

How long do I have to complete the training? Per the BACB’s rule, you have between 5 and 180 days to complete the training. If 180 days passes and you don’t complete it, you then need to repurchase the training as you will no longer have access.

Are my 40 hours and 180 days monitored? Yes.  As part of our learning analytics system, we will monitor the total hours and number of days to complete the modules

Will I receive a transcript when I’m done with the training? No, BACB requires you to provide them with a certificate of completion, which we will send to you electronically. 

What if I am confused about the content and have questions? Please contact us. You can give us a call or send Katherine an email