Welcome to the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test®, Fourth Edition (WIAT-4) Professional Development!

Wechsler Individual Achievement Test® (WIAT-4) is an individually administered achievement test for use in a variety of clinical, educational, and research settings. The WIAT-4 Professional Development course is designed to teach educators how to utilize the WIAT-4 in an educational setting. Educators will gain an understanding of the features and subtests related to the WIAT-4, as well as how to administer, score (using Pearson’s Q-Global), interpret results, and generate a diagnostic summary report. The lessons will focus on administering, scoring, and interpreting results for the Reading, Written Expression, and Mathematics Core Composites, and the Dyslexia Index Supplemental Composite. Subtests related to other Supplemental Composites will be introduced. Please note that you will need to obtain a WIAT-4 kit from your special education unit or district in order to take this PD.

Cost is $250 and includes 1 credit equivalent. You will receive a transcript upon completion.